Stay Germ Free With Affordable Touchless Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Hey everyone Mark here with Discover Your Home tonight, I’m going to talk about seniors aging in place, and a couple of things i’d like to talk to you about is number one uh with this virus, that’s kind of shown its ugly head. We want to be able to make our homes a little bit more safer. So tonight i’m just going to quick talk to you about some things that you can do to make your home a little bit safer and easier to get around and hopefully have a healthy and happy life. [, Music, ]. First we’ll talk about faucets.

You know, first and foremost, we don’t like going to the hospital. We don’t want to be there, it’s our nature to be at home, we convalesce better at home. So what we want to do right now is talk about. You know making things that you kind of take for granted, making them a little bit more safer, a little more hygiene or hygienically suitable for um, say dealing with viruses moving forward so uh. The one thing i’d like to talk to you about is possibly considering uh going to touchless faucets.

They do make bathroom touch: touchless, faucets and kitchen touchless faucets kitchen ones are generally used for uh if you’re working with uh poultry, pork, things of that nature and you want to be able to to go wash your hands under the sink and get them clean. So you’re, not touching the you know the handle or anything very understandable. Now we’re going to talk about is, you know, go ahead and purchasing these types of faucets for your bathroom, also soap dispensers that have a little eye on them. That read your hand and they’re very you can buy them just about anywhere, go on amazon and find them anywhere. You know, because it you really kind of take it for granted because you’re, not you don’t realize you know you wash your hair.

You turn the water on you wash your hands, then you turn the handle off turn the handle off. You don’t even remember if it’s been cleaned or not been cleaned, whether it’s your home or or friend’s home or whatever so you’re kind of in limbo. There of of you know your hands are touching things: cleaning them touching them again and then drying your hands off and not really knowing if you’ve got good, clean hands or not, so that might be a solid investment for just kind of safety. Just that little extra measure, and probably after this virus, is kind of passing down the road you’re, probably going to see technology start to advance in that area, because we really didn’t pay, maybe as much attention to it as we did prior to this and now we’ll Probably do so uh more okay um, so we don’t want to be spreading germs. We want to keep our faucets clean.

They also conserve water, so there’s some really great aspects to them. You’Re going to find moving forward just a little thing that changes in your life to maybe make your life a little bit easier and a little bit safer. So thanks again for joining me, this is Mark with Discover Your Home and we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks again, thanks so much for listening to this episode of Discover Your Home with your host Mark Lotz online, at LotzRemodeling.com, that’s LotzRemodeling.

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