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Hello and welcome to you in the kitchen with Matt, I am your host, Matt Taylor. Today, I just have a little update on my kitchen remodel and want to show you some of the progress videos that I took up to this point. And up to this point, I have all the paint, for the most part done on the doors and on the outer part of the cabinet. I decided not to do the inside of the cabinet, just believe it as the would look on the inside. And whenever I sell the house, the new people that buy it could either install new cabinets or they could paint the inside if they won’t.

But so, yeah, I’ll just show you a few clips of the progress of things that I was able to do during this cabinet repainting. And this is kind of the first phase. And then I’m going to replace the countertops and these countertops, yukky Formica countertops, they’re all old and whatnot. You may have seen those in another video that I did, but I’m going to be replacing those.

I bought the courts yesterday and the guys are coming today to make templates for the tops.

And you might hear the cat in the background being noisy. But anyway and so that’s going to be pretty awesome. And then other things I want to do on the inside here is on the top. I want to do some can lites. I have those, but I may or may not put those in myself and that’s pretty much it.

I don’t know if I’m going to buy a new oven. I might just keep this white oven just because I might just save that money and put it into a new house. Who knows? I might I might get a an oven that’s, you know, a kind of a stainless look, but much like my fridge and my dishwasher. But anyway, and then in here, I’m going to get a new table, get new blinds, and I might get rid of the chandelier and replace that with candlelights all in here just to lighten up this space.

But, um, yeah. So it’s going to be pretty awesome.

So here are a couple update videos of the progress so far. Here I am beginning my kitchen remodel, some of it. I am going to do it myself.

I’m going to do the cabinets myself. And yes, I’m getting started and it’s crazy. This is the cleanest the kitchen has been in for a long time, probably since I moved in back in 2006. And now I’m in the process of clearing everything out of the cabinets. And then I’m going to remove all the hardware and the doors and start sanding.

Just give me a big project, but I’m going to save a little money doing it myself. Pretty awesome. And this is what the kitchen looks like from this angle. Very old, outdated. Mid 1980s style, which is very popular back then.

You see on the cabinets, I have them labeled with numbers or remember. And this is what it looks like from this angle. And now I have all of the doors off and see how nasty some of these are on the bottom and stuff, I’m going to need to wash these and clean them before I can sand them. And. Pretty cool.

And I’m going to leave the guts of the water in here so I can have nice water and I’ll just cover the opening with plastic and I’m going to redo all the guts anyway when I get the new countertops. And so I can it’s just been leaking in there for a long time, just kind of a hassle. And plus, I want all new stuff.

If you can see this one is really just nasty and old. And anyway, so I’ll have all new.

Sync and Faucet’s. And all new stuff down there, too, except for the water filtration that’s brand new and I’m just using this simple Green All-Purpose cleaner instead of like a tap cleaner, I just want to use this nontoxic one and I’m just going to spray it on there and leave it on there for about a minute and then just wipe it off. And that will be fine. That will be good enough before I send in for any nasty bits like this leftover cake or glue from. From the little stoppers, and it’s like a little sticker that helps prevent when you when you close the the door or the cabinet door, it isn’t like slam against the side.

So we just use a little knife and just scrape that off. Kind of hard to do when I’m holding the camera in one hand and scraping like the other. But anyway, you get the idea. Another thing you can use if you have any, like leftover grease, it’s hard to come off. Just use like a little pad like this, like a normal kitchen pad, and then just you can scrape it really nicely and it’s not going to damage the wood or anything.

And also, you know, scuffs set up a little bit, still need to stand it. But it’s a good. Way to prep the word. OK, so I blocked off this part of the house with plastic, I’m going to be actually sanding in here and I just don’t want dust to fly inside that part of the house. And I have that down there covered in plastic and I have my oven covered in plastic.

Kitchen Remodel Update | Painting Kitchen Cabinets | In The Kitchen With Matt

I don’t have any room to move this completely out of the way. So I’ll just move it around as needed. And then we go, the doors are all washed. Now I can just start sanding everything, OK, and give me a good opportunity to clean behind here. This was just such a really gross mess back here by the oven was hasn’t been cleaned probably for, I don’t know, 20 years or more.

And now I am sanding. You can see right there, I used some wood filler, there was a gouge in that door, so I felt there was some. Wood filler, and now I just need to sand it and I’m just going to take out take off this number temporarily and then I’m going to sand this side and I just have this pad sander. Pad standing right there and the sand it. And then you don’t have to send it a ton, you just need to be able to scuff the top of it just so it’s going well, the paint or the primary will grip it.

And you notice I have some wood filler. I filled in a little gouge mark, and then once that drives, you can just stand right over it and just do it nice and smooth. Pretty awesome. And then what I like to do is you can see that big pile of dust up there and I just brush off. This dust towards that corner.

And I want to try to get as much dust off as possible before you paint, and I’ll go back over with my vacuum cleaner. Now I’m going to do the other side, and then when I am done brushing it, I’m going to take a damp.

Cloth, this is like this is a shop paper towel, and I just got it down and I’m going to just go over it and try to pick up some more of that. Dust from them, I can vacuum any leftovers and then it’ll be ready to be primaried. Oh, OK.

And then I am just using this Barnicoat primer. And I’m going to prime. The cabinet now with it. The second full day of the kitchen remodel I have, most of the primer is done. I do have to finish doing a primer on the doors.

It is a lot of work, I just paid someone to take this stuff everywhere, stuff everywhere, Stivaletti, those doors, but it’ll be an accomplishment once it’s done. Now, I’m going to do primer on all of the doors. I have one side down on four of them.

And I’m using my countertop station here. I don’t care like these, I don’t care if that drips under the counter because I’m getting new countertops.

Which is going to be awesome. All these doors, so many doors, and I’m going to need to open up the doors and windows just so the air can circulate. All right, one side of primer is Dan.

It’s taking forever to do this project. Note to self, never do this again, just pay someone, and this morning I am sanding these doors with a primer on them, both sides, and then I can paint them and I should be able to get both to coats of paint on today and tomorrow.

I should be able to put the doors up or maybe late tonight. Awesome. I’m just using a fine grit sand block. And if my arms get tired, I’ll switch over to the pad sander to see I just don’t want it to take too much of the primer off, which can happen sometimes if you use a pad center or electric center radial center.

But it’s definitely an option to use that.

And then this is David. He’s over here from Slawson motile and he is making the template for the courts countertops. This is awesome, Brissy. My kitchen is going to be really nice. All right, I hope you enjoyed those videos of me just kind of walking through up to this point.

And stay tuned for more updates, videos. The next update video might be the complete kitchen. Who knows? I’m Matt Taylor. This is in the kitchen with Matt.

Make sure to subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos until next time. Take care..

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