Foxglove Plant

Foxglove Plant. It is one of the most popular flower species from the genus digitalis. Flowers from may to july.

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They range in height from 60 to 180 cm (2 to 7 feet) and have beautiful tubular pink, orange, yellow or cream freckled flowers that grow on a. Foxglove, genus of about 20 species of herbaceous plants in the family plantaginaceae. Flowers from may to july.

Basic facts about foxglove plant.

Foxglove leaves were used in the treatment of heart failure. Take caution planting if you have children or pets. Foxglove (digitalis purpurea) is originated from europe and some countries in the northwest region of africa.

Digitalis comes from the latin word for finger (digitus), referring to the shape of the flower.purpurea refers to the color of the flowers, which often is purple.;

However, the most common varieties are pink and purple colors. Flowers from may to july. The foxglove is a classic plant to add to a cottage garden.

All foxglove varieties have darker spots all over the blooms.

Because of this dichotomy, the flower is often referred to as witches gloves and dead man’s bells, too. The scientific name for foxglove is “digitalis.”. Utilizing fertilizer on these plants once a month is ideal to maintain the type of soil that you need to encourage growth in the plant.

This will keep the soil moist.

You can also purchase foxglove seeds for sowing in the garden. Foxglove flowers are also referred to as digitalis purpurea and can come in several colors, such as purple, red, yellow, pink, white, cream, and pink. How to grow digitalis plants in your garden gardener's hq guide to growing foxglove.

It can grow up to 2m tall and is found in heathland, woodland edges and gardens.

In general, the foxglove plant can grow up to six feet tall. The royal horticultural society is the uk’s leading gardening charity. How do i grow foxgloves?

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