Calathea White Star Plant

Calathea White Star Plant. The huge green leaves are streaked with pale white or pink stripes that nearly fill the entire foliage. The calathea white star is a tropical evergreen that thrives on bright, indirect light.

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White star is one of the varieties of calathea or prayer plant native to the tropical regions of south america. The calathea white star can tolerate low light but loves humidity. Curly or dry leaves suggest, the plant is dry and needs watering.

This spectacular calathea combines the graceful lines of the pinstripe along with the pastel glow of the rosy.

Its striking stripes of white and green mixed with a shade of pink makes it a favorite among plant collectors. It was first described in 1986 by h.a. Learn all there is to know about calathea white star care so that your plant will thrive and show off its fabulous foliage.

Native to the tropical americas, many of the species are popular as pot plants due to their decorative leaves and, in some species, colorful inflorescence.

This cultivar is a stunning foliage plant, prized for its striking and attractively patterned leaves. If you live in a dry climate, you can keep your calathea in the bathroom. Calathea white star is a beautiful plant from the maranth family whose greatest asset is the color of its foliage.

Large lanceolate glossy leaves, located on long petioles.

Dead calathea white fusion leaves should be removed immediately so that the plant doesn't start to rot, smell bad, and invite fungus. Calatheas require a bit more care, so take The calathea white star might not be a velvety purple like its other family members, but its just as beautiful.

Native to the subtropics, particularly the rainforests of brazil, the calathea whitestar is a species of perennial plant in the calathea family, known as prayer plants.

The leaves have pink and white stripes on. The leaves of calathea 'white fusion' may turn brown and droop or fall off if they are placed too close to a window or in direct sunlight. This houseplant’s smart leaves have white and green stripes and a hint of pink.

Native to south america, these plants are happiest in humid environments that offer indirect sun.

We recommend propagating the calathea plant in spring, it gives your plants the best chance at a. Peacock plant, zebra plant description: White star is one of the varieties of calathea or prayer plant native to the tropical regions of south america.

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