Beautyberry Plant

Beautyberry Plant. American beautyberry (callicarpa americana) is a beloved shrub native to the southeastern u.s. Beautyberry (callicarpa) is easy to grow, care for and to propagate.

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Beautyberry is a sprawling, small shrub (3 to 8 feet tall; Beautyberry plants have long been used as a natural bug repellent to combat mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, and other pests. Keep your beautyberry plant watered well until established.

The branches form long arches that bend toward the ground.

The american beautyberry is one such plant that makes quite a showing, boasting bright magenta berries that look much like bracelets of amethyst beads glistening in clusters along drooping branches. Plant them in a natural woodland setting under tall shade trees or as an informal hedge along the perimeter of a property. Grown for its clusters of spectacular berries that grace the plant throughout the fall and often in winter, callicarpa americana (american beautyberry) is a bushy, deciduous shrub with a naturally loose and graceful arching habit.

As a general rule of thumb, space plants about 5 to 7.

Modern studies have validated this tradition, demonstrating compounds within the plant to be as effective as deet. It was only a few years ago that i discovered the american beautyberry bush , just since moving to northeastern texas where it grows wild along the. The deciduous leaves are light green, coarse, and fuzzy.

Volunteer plants are very hearty and can be dug up and transplanted to a different location.

Once established you can water every week or two during the summer, more if it is in full sun. Depending where you live and plant it, it may take full sun, though it will need lots of water. Pruning will keep the plant more compact, but be sure to prune before the plant flowers.

American beautyberry can be propagated by transplanting volunteer plants, softwood cuttings, or seeds.

1) carroll, john f., charles l. Several species of beautyberry are commonly grown. Pruning is not always required, but can be undertaken (for shaping and form) in late winter if desired.

Softwood stem cuttings (4” to 6” long) can be taken in the summer and fall.

American beautyberry (callicarpa americana) is a beloved shrub native to the southeastern u.s. Purple beautyberry, beautyberry, beauty berry. If planted in the proper soil, beautyberry.

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